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Hydroland Chorobik Gawęda Malec Wojtycza Spółka Jawna - Jawornik 658, 32-400 Myślenice NIP 6811662347 Regon 351440170 hereinafter referred to as the Administrator guarantees website users the right to choose to share information concerning them. THE ADMINISTRATOR informs that he uses cookies technology on the website, i.e. text files, the so-called Cookies and others to record information about which pages you visited and what you did on them.


"Cookies" - what is it?

Cookies are small text information sent by a web server and stored on the user's side (usually on a hard drive). With cookies, websites remember your preferences.

Why and how we use cookies? 

• Authentication

The ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to identify the logged-in user in order to display the relevant information corresponding to his/her interests.

 • Safety

THE ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to support mechanisms which prevent abuse on websites, including data leakage.

 • Preferences, features and services

THE ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to obtain information about the user's language and communication preferences. They are also helpful when filling out forms on your site.

 • Performance, analysis and research

THE ADMINISTRATOR uses cookies to find out how well our websites work. In addition, we use cookies to understand, improve and conduct research on products, features and services, including when users access ADMINISTRATOR pages from other websites, applications or devices while working on a computer or mobile device.

Most browsers allow users to control cookies in their preferences settings. Limiting the ability of websites to set cookies may impair the overall quality of use of the website. Cookies related to internet research come from Google Inc. Google Analytics Privacy Policy.

Using google analytics software, the website inserts a counting code on your computer to collect user data. THE ADMINISTRATOR informs that it is a party to the agreement with GOOGLE Inc. and uses the anonymization mechanism of the user's IP number. At any time, you can object to the collection of data by google analytics software by changing your web browser settings.

How do cookies match our website to your needs?

"Cookies" help to adapt the content of the website to the expectations of users. Analytical cookies, on the other hand, are used to evaluate the statistics of website entries. They allow us to assess your preferences and ratings, as well as how we can improve the website for you.

Authentication cookies allow you to e.g. make an easy login, complete forms, remember the settings of websites selected by the user.

How can you manage your cookies?

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings. We reserve that  disabling the use of cookies necessary for Authentication, Security, maintenance of User Preferences, will hinder the use of the ADMINISTRATOR's websites. In extreme cases, it may prevent the use of web pages.

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