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Hydroland makes every effort to ensure successful cooperation with our clients.

In order to meet the expectations of our customers and to provide you with the highest quality services, we have implemented the "Service 48h" program, which aims to facilitate the communication path between the service and the customer.

Our employees are experienced and provide customer service at the highest level. The 48h service is obliged to consider the complaint within 2 working days from the date of its notification and inform the customer about the repair process.


How to make a complaint?

  • via e-mail to the address;
  • directly via the complaint form on our website (“Contact” bookmark);
  • by traditional letter to the company’s address.

Complaints can also be made through the stores or points of sale where the product was purchased. Detailed terms of the complaint are included in the warranty card attached to all of our products.


What should the complaint include?

  • customer's address;
  • contact number;
  • product symbol;
  • a copy of the proof of purchase (invoice/receipt).


How to reach us?

In case of any problems, faults or doubts, we encourage you to contact us using contact information below.

  • phone: +48 12 272 56 56
  • fax. +48 12 272 56 60
  • cell: +48 697 014 141
  • cell: +48 607 350 815
  • email: